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Wiki - No Mountains In Manhattan
Wiki - No Mountains In Manhattan
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Wiki - No Mountains In Manhattan

The toothless, skateboard loving, Arnold Palmer drinking upstart has had quite a rise to stardom, after blowing us away with hit after potty-mouthed hit and with some of the most creative and unique videos to have hit the hip-hop genre in recent times. With Ratking he flipped what was expected of hip-hop groups in general, adding a psychedelic yet gritty haze, flipping song structures and retreating from the misogynistic, all-frontin' bullshit that half of the hip-hop game seem to be peddling.

Solo we see him in comfortable stride, mixing a half-sung vocal style with fiery and poignant flow, always sticking to content that's real and fully lived be him and his crew. You won't hear him fake-talking about peddling crack and having millions in the bank (or driving a Ferrari for that matter...), just quick-witted, keen-eyed observations on street life delivered with a sharp tongue.

The album features fellow New York natives, both legend and novice, including Ghostface Killah, Lakutis, ACAB, Slicky Boy, Your Old Droog and more. Production credits include Ratking’s Sporting Life, Tony Seltzer, Kaytranada, Earl Sweatshirt and Wiki himself; a who's who of who's reinventing the script in 2017>18.

Highly recommended.


1. Islander 
2. Mayor 
3. Pretty Bull 
4. Made For This 
5. Chinatown Swing 
6. Litt 15 Ft Your Old Droog
7. Face It 
8. Stick Ball 
9. Elaine 
10. Pandora's Box 
11. Wiki New Written
12. Jalo
13. Nutcrackers
14. Baby Girl 
15. NMIM 
16. Leppy Coqui Hands Out 
17. Ballin On The Low 


Artist:  Wiki
Label:  XL Recordings
Condition:  New 
Genre:  Hip-Hop

Format:  Vinyl LP
Cat Number:  XL878LP
Released:  8 December 2017

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