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Madvillain - Madvillainy
Madvillain - Madvillainy
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Madvillain - Madvillainy

MF DOOM and Madlib's leftfield hip hop opus finally drops, featuring the singles "Money Folder", "Curls" and "All Caps" plus more out-there raps and breaks. Medaphoar, Quasimoto, Wildchild, Viktor Vaughn and Stacy Epps all come along to join Doom on the mic, as Madlib drops some of the most disturbed backing sounds of his career (he even samples Daedelus at one point!), milking his B-movie samples and impenetrable rhythms.

With short hits and a quickfire tracklist, "Madvillainy" is an explosive and schizophrenic experience, the most complete Madlib hip hop production since Quasimoto's "The Unseen".

Track Listing

1. The Illest Villains
2. Accordion 
3. Meat Grinder
4. Bistro
5. Raid
6. America's Most Blunted
7. Sickfit 
8. Rainbows
9. Curls
10. Do Not Fire!
11. Money Folder
12. Scene Two
13. Shadows Of Tomorrow
14. Operation Lifesaver AKA Mint Test
15. Figaro
16. Hardcore Hustle
17. Strange Ways
18. Intro
19. Fancy Clown
20. Eye
21. Supervillain Theme
22. All Caps
23. Great Day
24. Rhinestone Cowboy

Product Details

Artist:  Madvillain
Label:  Stones Throw
Format:  2 x vinyl LP
Condition:  New  
Cat Number:  STH2065LP
Released:  26 Mar 2004
Genre:  Hip-Hop

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