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J Dilla - Donuts
J Dilla - Donuts
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J Dilla - Donuts

Not a conventional album by any means, Dilla's "Donuts" is a collection of numerous short productions that he kept to himself rather than use on his work with Madlib, Q-Tip, Common and Slum Village. Like a private DJ mixtape, they clock in on average at around nintey seconds, yet this is not merely a beats compilation, but mini sample-manipulations glommed from other funk, soul, disco, rap and rock sources. With awfully coincidental timing, Dilla passed away the week that the album was released, having been suffering from an incurable blood disorder. A fitting epitaph to a unique talent.


1. Donuts (Outro)
2. Workinonit
3. Waves
Light My Fire
4. The New
5. Stop
6. People
7. The Diff'rence
8. Mash
9. Time: The Donut of the Heart
10. Glazed
11. Airworks
12. Lightworks
13. Stepson of the Clapper
14. The Twister (Huh, What?)
15. One Eleven
16. Two Can Win
17. Don't Cry
18. Anti-American Graffiti
19. Geek Down
20. Thunder
21. Gobstopper
22. One for Ghost
23. Dilla Says Go
24. Walkinonit
25. The Factory
26. U-Love
27. Hi
28. Bye
29. Last Donut of the Night
30. Welcome to the Show


Artist:  J Dilla
Label:  Stones Throw
Condition:  New 
Genre:  HipHop

Format:  Vinyl LP
Cat Number:  STH2126
Released:  2005 (re-issued 2014)

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