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Elliott Lion - Nazca EP

Tracks to get lost deep inside of: That’s Elliott Lion’s aim when he hits the studio solo… And that’s the vibe we’re definitely experiencing with this brand new EP for Warm. 

A complementary contrast to Elliott’s other musical life as a member of a very well-known UK rock band, this three-track follow up to last year’s ‘Pearl’ and ‘Athens’ probes even deeper into Elliott’s psychedelic psyche than ever before. Total departure tracks: Timeless technoid expressions with tightly coiled narratives that unfold with sudden surprises and twists, each construction is a condensed trip. Time to buckle up…

‘Nazca’ is every bit as mystic and alluring as its name suggests. Guaranteed to cast a spiked arpeggiated spell on your dancefloor, we’re dealing with an ancient dynamic power right here. ‘Lioness’ is equally well-titled: purring softly into action with an imperial grace, it unhurriedly fixes its focus on its pray and picks up the chase gradually. A strong feeling of triumph abounds through its ageless mid-90s prog feel, the sense of majesty is tangible. 

Finally we’re struck with the biggest trip of the set: ‘Hologram’. Abyssal techno with a shimmering synth hook you could imagine boarding a space shuttle to, the breakdown plays the consummate countdown before the bass rockets blast us off to places unknown with heavy butt-shifting turbulence… And the pianos bring us back to reality softly, smoothly, musically. Happy landings.


1. Nazca
2. Lioness
3. Hologram


Artist:  Elliot Lion
Label:  Warm
Condition:  New 
Genre:  Electronic
Format:  12" vinyl
Cat Number:  WARM4
Released:  13 April 2018

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