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Zara McFarlane - All Africa
Zara McFarlane - All Africa
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Zara McFarlane - All Africa

She’s back! As a cross-pollinating creativity recaptures the UK jazz scene, Zara McFarlane returns with a new single. Working with much-feted drummer and producer Moses Boyd, she channels parallel musical legacies all at once. On "All Africa", Zara McFarlane re-casts a landmark track by Max Roach. Taken from "We Insist!", his 1960 album born of the US’ then-ascendant Civil Rights Movement, it saw avant-garde jazz used as vehicle for protest. With Roach and vocalist Abbey Lincoln at its core, it nodded to the growing independence movements then emerging in several African nations. The original track's celebration of the present, past and future of Africa feels as relevant now as it did in 1960.

Taking the original’s all-out, percussive trip into a looser, more softly mesmerising kind of territory, this new version combines pulsing rhythm with a brighter musicality. The "Alternate Take", meanwhile, follows a more groove-oriented direction. Punctuated by bursts of horns and a foot-tapping, syncopated rhythm, it hints at a globally-interconnected spirit. 


1. All Africa
2. All Africa (Alternative Take)


Artist:  Zara McFarlane
Label:  Brownswood
Condition:  New 
Genre:  Jazz

Format:  10" vinyl
Cat Number:  BWOOD166
Released:  14 July 2017

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