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TT (Theresa Wayman of Warpaint) - Lovelaws
TT (Theresa Wayman of Warpaint) - Lovelaws
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TT (Theresa Wayman of Warpaint) - Lovelaws

Debut solo album from Warpaint guitarist & vocalist Theresa Wayman - It’s been 14 years since Wayman and her bandmates formed Warpaint in their early 20s, LoveLaws allows her to explore ideas that otherwise are difficult in a band. Though she’s a guitarist, she’s not much inspired by other guitarists. It’s been beats, basslines and samples since her teenage years. “I’ve never wanted to be a rock person, so I'm finally fulfilling my vision from 20 years ago”, she says. 


1. Mykki
2. I’ve Been Fine
3. Love Leaks
4. The Dream
3. Tutorial
4. Dram
5. Safe
6. Sassafras Interlude
7. Take One
8. Too Sweet


Artist:  TT
Label:  Loveleaks
Condition:  New 
Genre:  Indie & Alternative

Format:  Vinyl LP
Cat Number:  LL001LP
Released:  18 May 2018

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