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The Vaccines - Combat Sports
The Vaccines - Combat Sports
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The Vaccines - Combat Sports

Columbia Records present the much anticipated new album from The Vaccines! An 11 track record featuring the hit single "I Cant Quit", plus instant grats "Nightclub" & "Put a T-Shirt On It".

The infectious London-based indie rock outfit formed in the late 2000s around the talents of Justin Young (vocals, guitar), Árni Arnason (bass), Freddie Cowan (guitar), and Pete Robertson (drums). The quartet, which has drawn comparisons to everyone from Surfer Blood and the Drums to the Jesus and Mary Chain, released its debut single, 'Post Break-Up Sex,' on Columbia in 2011 (you remember that one, right?) their debut album, 'What Did You Expect from the Vaccines?', appeared shortly afterwards, as did their perennial single 'Wrecking Bar.'

Released in 2012, 'Come of Age', the band's sophomore outing, was produced by Ethan Johns and recorded at ICP Studios in Brussels, Belgium and the Distillery in Bath, England. For their third studio album, the Vaccines opted for a change of pace: they traveled to America to record 2015's 'English Graffiti' with producer Dave Fridmann (who previously worked with the Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev), with experimental hip-hop producer Cole M. Greif-Neill also taking part in the sessions. 'English Graffiti' appeared in 2015.

Now The Vaccines are back.

After a three-year hiatus, their fourth bears witness to an explosive return, with brash, bold, rock 'n' roll songs that mix melancholy with euphoria; these are high octane summer tunes perfect for loud & proud driving with the top down. Revisiting their roots, the record ranges from pure Vaccines rattle and shout through to power-pop. this album is perfectly suited to fans of The Strokes and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.


1. Put It On a T-Shirt
2. I Can’t Quit
3. Your Love Is My Favourite Band
4. Surfing in the Sky
5. Maybe (Luck of the Draw)
6. Young American
7. Nightclub
8. Out On The Street
9. Take It Easy
10. Someone To Lose
11. Rolling Stones



Artist:  The Vaccines
Label:  Columbia
Condition:  New 
Genre:  Indie & Alternative

Format:  Signed Vinyl LP
Cat Number:  19075807351
Released:  30 March 2018

Format:  Standard Vinyl LP
Cat Number:  19075807351
Released:  30 March 2018

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