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The Lovely Eggs - Long Stem Carnations 7"
The Lovely Eggs - Long Stem Carnations 7"
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The Lovely Eggs - Long Stem Carnations 7"

The Lovely Eggs will release brand new single “Long Stem Carnations” on Friday July 10 on Egg Records. Taken from their number one selling album “I am Moron” “Long Stem Carnations” will be released on ltd edition orange 7” vinyl with mind melting artwork by their long time collaborator and partner in crime Casey Raymond.

Backed by brand new B side “The Voyage”, “Long Stem Carnations” was inspired by the Mars One programme, a global project which aims to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars. Applicants are offered a one way ticket- never to see earth again. This fascinated Holly and David who drew parallels between this mission and their own isolation as a band. “Long Stem Carnations” is a funeral march for society’s outcasts and freaks. It’s an existential voyage in cosmic form. “Is there an internal self destruct button that cannot be destroyed?” said Holly. “We are all the pilots of our own ship. You've just got to remember it’s important to try and hang on and see the mission through.


1. Long Stem Carnations
2. The Voyage


Artist:  The Lovely Eggs
Label:  Egg Records
Condition:  New 
Genre:  Rock, Psych & Garage
Format:  7" vinyl
Cat Number:  EGG015
Released:  10th July 2020

Only 500 copies pressed on orange vinyl 7"

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