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The Amazing - In Transit
The Amazing - In Transit
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The Amazing - In Transit

The eleven tracks on The Amazing's new album manage to stay just out of focus. Together, they refine the Swedish five piece's signature dreamlike soundscape, and cement the band's status as one of the decade's most consistently compelling acts.

Self-produced, and recorded at Buller & Bäng Studio in Stockholm, In Transit picks up right where 2016's acclaimed Ambulance left off. The songs expand on frontman/guitarist Christoffer Gunrup's gloomy, textured vision - gorgeous tones, fed through layers of distortion in the style of The Cure, My Bloody Valentine, The Flaming Lips. Gunrup's fellow band members, Reine Fiske (also of Dungen, guitar), Moussa Fadera (drums), Alexis Benson (bass), and Frederik Swahn (keyboards and guitars) follow suit, melding together in a vivid combination of melody and mood.


1. Pull
2. Voices Sound
3. A Million Days
4. First Touch Of Light
5. Rewind
6. Never Be
7. Benson Se Convirtio Completamente Furiosa
8. For No One
9. Leave Us A Light
10. Asleep
11. Je Travaille Dans La Banque


Artist:  The Amazing
Label:  Partisan Records
Condition:  New 
Genre:  Indie & Alternative

Format:  LP vinyl
Cat Number:  PTKF2152-1
Released:  6 April 2018

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