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Soulwax - Essential
Soulwax - Essential
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Soulwax - Essential

Comprised of 12 tracks, named ‘Essential One – ‘Essential Twelve’, each song on the album is based around the word ‘essential’

Recorded in just under two weeks, Essential was created using the gear they didn’t use for their celebrated 2017 LP From Deewee, which was recorded with the band in one take.

The band elaborate: "When we were approached to make an Essential Mix for the BBC in May 2017, we chose to do what every sane human being would do, we decided to lock ourselves into our studio for two weeks and make an hour of new music based around the word 'Essential', instead of preparing a mix of already existing music. The product of this otherwise unwise decision is something we ended up being very proud of and is now being released on the piece of plastic you’re are currently holding in your hands."


1. Essential One
2. Essential Two
3. Essential Three
4. Essential Four
5. Essential Five
6. Essential Six
7. Essential Seven
8. Essential Eight
9. Essential Nine
10. Essential Ten
11. Essential Eleven
12. Essential Twelve 


Artist:  Soulwax
Label:  Deewee
Condition:  New 
Genre:  Electronic
Format:  Vinyl LP
Cat Number:  DEEWEE027LP
Released:  22 June 2018

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