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Soulwax - Deewee
Soulwax - Deewee
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Soulwax - Deewee

Also available to independent retailers as a special coloured vinyl edition (disc one is black vinyl, disc two is white) in gatefold sleeve with download code.

From Deewee is the new studio album from Soulwax. 

After a period of extensive rehearsals and a level of planning to befit such a huge feat, From Deewee was recorded with the full touring band in one take at the Dewaele brother’s Deewee Studio in Ghent, Belgium on February 7, 2017. 

Playing on this record are Stephen and David Dewaele, Stefaan Van Leuven, Iggor Cavalera, Victoria Smith, Blake Davies and Laima Leyton. The instruments used are two Staccato drumkits, one clear crystalline Meazzi Wooding drumkit, one set of Rototoms, various Hofner bass guitars, a Macbeth M5n, an Oberheim Two-Voice Pro, a Two Thousand Six Hundred copy built by The Human Comparator, one Oberheim OB-Mx, an EMS Synthi AKS, an Arp Odyssey, a TB-303 clone, a Mellotron M4000D, a Sequential Prophet 6, a Waldorf Streichfett, a Burns Sonic guitar, a Vox Phantom guitar, one Syncussion clone built by Loudestwarning, various solid state Roland, Peavey and Acoustic amplifiers and a wide range of effects, all going through three Trident Fleximix consoles, straight into Pro Tools.

Track Listing

1. Preset Tense
2. Masterplanned
3. Missing Wires
4. Conditions Of A Shared Belief
5. Is It Always Binary
6. Do You Want To Get Into Trouble?
7. My Tired Eyes
8. Transient Program For Drums And Machinery
9. Trespassers
10. The Singer Has Become A Deejay
11. Here Come The Men In Suits
12. Goodnight Transmission

Product Details

Artist:  Soulwax
Label:  Play It Again Sam
Format:  2 x vinyl LP
Condition:  New  
Cat Number:  PIASR950DLPX
Released:  9 Jun 2017
Genre:  Electronic

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