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Snapped Ankles - Violations [RSD 2018]
Snapped Ankles - Violations [RSD 2018]
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Snapped Ankles - Violations [RSD 2018]

Snapped Ankles release their brand new violations of songs by Can (Bel Air), The Fugs (CIA Man), Joey Beltram (Energy Flash) and The Comateens (Ghosts).

Limited white vinyl edition with download code.

From the forest floor: These four tracks were dug up from the sturdy roots of the Ankles undergrowth - but in the process the original recordings were damaged. We reconstructed them using the latest in bio-mechanical stem re-assemblage processes, which invariably has lead to some misinterpretations and considerable violations of the original recordings.

As we tried to decipher the magical genetic code of the originals, events around them informed the nature of these violations; forest fires tore through the wealthy neighbourhood of Bel Air, friends vanished into the dating app dimension never to be seen in solid earthly form again, and as our log synths pounded along to a broken copy of Joey Beltram's Energy Flash, we created a possession so potent that the we were left pondering the difference between the mental states of 'trance' and 'ecstasy'.

Having unearthed The Fugs' CIA Man some years before, we were shocked to discover a newer more sinister agency had taken over from the diatribe's protagonist with an updated set of ills. Now the forest is full of agents, we are taping up our microphones and masking our connections!

Concrete and Gold is the ninth studio album from Foo Fighters.


1. CIA Man 
2. Ghosts
3. Energy Flash
4. Bel Air


Artist:  Snapped Ankles
Label:  The Leaf Label
Condition:  New 
Genre:  I die & Alternative

Format:  12" vinyl
Cat Number:  DOCK68X
Released:  28 April 2018

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