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Skinny Pelembe - Dreaming Is Dead Now
Skinny Pelembe - Dreaming Is Dead Now
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Skinny Pelembe - Dreaming Is Dead Now

A Sun-dazzled California folk is diced with the murkier corners of the UK dance lineage by the Doncasterraised, multi-talented wonder. Dub echo, hip-hop lyricism and heavy guitar fuzz are boiled down into a heady, characteristic musical brew.

On “Dreaming Is Dead Now”, multi-talented wonder Skinny Pelembe meditates on grief, heartache, stunted aspirations and fresh possibilities in post-recession Britain. For his debut album, the Johannesburg-born, Doncaster-raised artist weaves together a patchwork of personal and musical touchstones; memories and observations are dreamily laced together, sun-dazzled California folk diced with the murkier corners of the UK dance lineage.

Tipping a hat to West London broken beat as much as My Bloody Valentine, the album was co-produced by Malcolm Catto (of The Heliocentrics, who’s previously worked with Yussef Kamaal, DJ Shadow, and Madlib), who helped to distil down its bounty of ingredients into the record’s distinctive flavour. Tough, tight-programmed rhythms are washed over with fuzzy overtures, and the title track is the product of a studio session with a foundational drum & bass duo (credited under the covert alias of The Bleeding Edge). It’s the rare kind of record where the messy, in-between musical spaces are given a light to shine.


1. Gonna Buy A Car Today
2. No Blacks, No Dogs, No Irish (Extended Mix)
3. Dreaming Is Dead Now
4. Spit/Swallow
5. Without A Doubtful Shadow
6. My Love Is Burning, Down
7. Ten Four, Good Friend
8. I’ll Be On Your Mind
9. Laxmi Flying
10. Blood Relation 


Artist:  Skinny Pelembe
Label:  Brownswood Recordings
Condition:  New 
Genre:  Electronic
Format:  Vinyl LP
Cat Number:  BWOOD193LP
Released:  24 May 2019

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