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She Drew The Gun - Revolution Of Mind
She Drew The Gun - Revolution Of Mind
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She Drew The Gun - Revolution Of Mind

Louisa Roach isn’t a protest singer. The ambitious, melodic psych pop this Merseyside artist makes under the moniker She Drew The Gun is too abstract for that label, more dreamy than didactic. But it’s fair to say this rising star – winner of Glastonbury’s Emerging Talent contest in 2016 – works adjacent to that tradition, taking inspiration from the likes of underground folk legend Malvina Reynolds, and contemporary poets such as Kate Tempest and Manchester’s Toria Garbutt.

“I’ve always felt drawn to music that says something,” explains Roach, “music that goes beyond simple love songs. As a songwriter, you’ve got the whole spectrum of human experience to draw from; half of that is the bigger picture stuff.”

If there’s a central theme to this new record, says Roach, it’s liberation, in various guises: “Empowerment; resisting; arming yourself with knowledge; questioning the status quo, questioning your own state of mind and how it’s affected by the systems we live in…”


1. Resister
2. Something For The Pain
3. Arm Yourself
4. Between Stars
5. Wolf And Bird
6. Paradise 
7. Ocean Song 
8. Revolution Of Mind
9. Dopamine
10. Resister Reprise
11. Human


Artist:  She Drew The Gun
Label:  Skeleton Key
Condition:  New 
Genre:  Indie & Alternative
Format:  Vinyl LP
Cat Number:  190296947704
Released: 05 October 2018

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