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Nathan Fake - Sunder EP
Nathan Fake - Sunder EP
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Nathan Fake - Sunder EP

Brand new 4-track EP ‘Sunder’ from Nathan Fake via Ninja Tune.

Methodologically and sonically very different to his 2016 album ‘Providence’ which was characterised by crisp, widescreen sonics and meticulous arrangements, ‘Sunder’ is rougher, more urgent and raw and definitively more beat-oriented but retains the same warmth and emotive character.

If you are a fan of Apparat, Four Tet & Jon Hopkins this is for you.


1. Sunder
2. Arcaibh
3. Serotonin Drops
4. Cloudswept


Artist:  Nathan Fake
Label:  Ninja Tune
Condition:  New 
Genre:  Electronic

Format:  12" vinyl
Cat Number:  ZEN12471
Released:  23 February 2018


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