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Lord Echo - Curiosities
Lord Echo - Curiosities
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Lord Echo - Curiosities

Soundway Records completes the Lord Echo album collection, finally reissuing the second album in the trilogy from the in-demand New Zealand multi-instrumentalist and producer. Originally released in 2013, ‘Curiosities’ is now available as a DJ friendly double LP for the first time.  The entirely self-produced album blends jazz with disco-tinged neo-soul, reggae and classic afro-beat in effortless manner - and joins the dots between the more downtempo first album ‘Melodies’ and the disco, electronic, club-ready of his third album ‘Harmonies’.
The album also features a dub-funk cover of Pharoah Sanders’ “The Creator Has A Master Plan”, with vocals from Lisa Tomlins.


1. Endless Dawn
2. Bohemian Idol (feat. Toby Laing)
3. Digital Haircut
4. Street Knowledge
5. Molten Lava (feat. Leila Adu)
6. Put It In My Head (feat. Mara TK)
7. The Creator Has A Master Plan (feat. Lisa Tomlins)
8. Ghost Hands
9. What Is That Feeling / Arabesque


Artist:  Lord Echo 
Label:  Soundway
Condition:  New 
Genre:  Funk Soul & Disco
Format:  Vinyl LP
Cat Number: SNdWLP133
Released:  13th September 2019

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