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LA Salami - The City of Bootmakers
LA Salami - The City of Bootmakers
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LA Salami - The City of Bootmakers

London resident L.A. Salami announces his second album ‘The City Of Bookmakers’, released through Sunday Best Recordings.

A prolific writer, there have been two previous EPs and last year’s debut album ‘Dancing With Bad Grammar’, whilst also confirming a number of albums are already finished. The album’s lead track ‘Generation L(ost)’ highlights the album’s pervasive strands of social, political and human polemic.

Recorded in Berlin with Robbie Moore, ‘The City Of Bookmakers’ presents Salami’s inimitable adeptness at painting an aural picture, one that is pertinent to the times - alluding to those in control, be it in London or further afield who are able to gamble with the populations welfare, education and future.


1. Sunrise (intro)
2. Generation L(ost)
3. Who's Cursing Us Now?
4. Terrorism! (The Isis Crisis)
5. Brick Lane
6. I'll Tell You Why
7. England Is Unwell
8. A Man; A Man Without Warning (certified)
9. You're Better Off Alone
11. I Need Answers
12. Science + Buddhism = A Reality You Can Know
13. The Talisman On The Age Of Glass
14. What Is This?
15. Jean Is Gone


Artist:  L.A. Salami
Label:  Sunday Best
Condition:  New 
Genre:  Indie & Alternative

Format:  Vinyl LP
Cat Number:  SBESTLP82
Released:  13 April 2018


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