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Illa J - Yancey Boys
Illa J - Yancey Boys
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Illa J - Yancey Boys

The beats on Yancey Boys are "all previously untouched Jay Dee gems" that were given to Illa J by Delicious Vinyl's founder, Michael Ross.

Safe to say, the younger Yancey's first encounter with these tracks had to bring a heavy set of emotions, but with everything here being immediately recognizable as Dilla, the end result for the longtime fan is still one of ghosts and bittersweet memories.

Nocturnal keyboards, elegant pianos, lazy beats, and the occasional Kraftwerk-like twist all combine to make warm soul music, but save the D'Angelo-like "We Here" and the more hip-hop highlight "DFTF".


1. Timeless
2. We Here
3. R U Listenin? (feat. Guilty Simpson)
4. Alien Family (By Nitty)
5. Strugglin
6. Showtime
7. Swagger
8. Mr Shakes (aka Affion Crockett)
9. DFTF (feat. Affion Crockett)
10. All Good
11. Sounds Like Love (feat. Debi Nova)
12. Everytime
13. Illasoul
14. Air Signs


Artist:  Illa J
Label:  Delicious Vinyl
Condition:  New 
Genre:  Hip Hop
Format:  Vinyl LP
Cat Number:  DV9045
Released:  01 December 2008

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