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Hookworms - Hookworms (Repress)
Hookworms - Hookworms (Repress)
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Hookworms - Hookworms (Repress)

Faux Discx and Gringo Records are psyched (no pun intended) to announce the debut vinyl release of Leeds' Hookworms. The Hookworms 12" features 4 songs, clocks in at around 27 minutes, and is limited to 500 copies on 180g black & white splattered vinyl. 

The release was previously only available on tape via Sun Araw's Sun Ark label and that sold out in a matter of weeks. Hookworms formed in late 2009 at a time when most of the group’s members were also playing together in a snappy punk group. 
“Hookworms fling themselves headlong into classic 80’s/90’s psych-rock like they’re trying to break something. Hailing from Leeds and cramming themselves giddily within the well established formal properties of the genre, they walk the scorched road behind Loop, Spectrum, and any other titan of two-chord songs who’s ever slowly wah-ed a chord until they saw colors. Most excellent burners!” Cameron Stallones, Sun Ark / Sun Araw. 


1. Medicine Cabinet
2. Teen Dream
3. I Have Some Business Out West
4. Resolution


Artist:  Hookworms
Label:  Pluto
Condition:  New 
Genre:  Rock, Psych & Garage

Format:  Vinyl LP
Cat Number:  FAUX015WAAT046LP
Released:  11 May 2018

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