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Greg Ashley - Pictures Of Saint Paul Street
Greg Ashley - Pictures Of Saint Paul Street
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Greg Ashley - Pictures Of Saint Paul Street

Greg Ashley has been a fixture on the underground music scene since the late 90’s while strafing eardrums as a teenager in Houston in garage punk band The Strate-Coats. Since then he’s proven himself not only as a songwriter, singer and guitar player in bands like The Mirrors & The Gris-Gris, but also as a producer / sound engineer.

His career as a solo artist is vast & varied, spanning the gamut between fried & beautiful psychedelia, gorgeous & cathartic symphonic suites & gentle, damaged folk music, beginning with 2003’s “Medicine Fuck Dream” & last leaving us with 2014’s “Another Generation of Slaves”. His latest, “Pictures of Saint Paul Street” carries forward that album’s musical palette (a rootsy amalgam of tortured, Cohen-esque folk tinged with the beer soaked recklessness of a West Texas honky-tonk).

The songs on “Pictures of Saint Paul Street” are lush & beautiful autopsies of society’s underbelly, with stark and brutally honest ruminations on humanity. Songs like “A Sea of Suckers” & “Pursue The Nightlife” pull no punches, while “Jailbirds & Vagabonds” and “Blues For A Pecan Tree” carouse on a more abstract, human (almost romantic) level. By the time you’ve hit the album’s centerpiece; “Bullshit Society”, Ashley’s songs move from ballads of hopeless misery to rallying anthems for the dispossessed.

Track Listing

1. A Sea Of Suckers
2. Goodbye Saint Paul Street
3. Blues For A Pecan Tree
4. Two Person One Man Band
5. Bullshit Society
6. Jailbirds And Vagabonds
7. Self-Destruction Derby
8. Medication #9
9. Pursue The Night Life
10. Six A.M. At The Black And White

Product Details

Artist:  Greg Ashley
Label:  Trouble In Mind
Format:  Vinyl LP
Condition:  New  
Cat Number:  TIM122LPC1
Released:  16 June 2017
Genre:  Indie & Alternative

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