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Detboi - Ice Cold EP
Detboi - Ice Cold EP
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Detboi - Ice Cold EP

Just like his 'Secrets' EP of last year, this latest instalment in Detboi's catalogue, entitled 'Ice Cold', merges elements of drum and bass, jungle, bass music, techno and more in exquisite fashion, quite simply like nobody else has done before.

The five track EP, three of which make it to the vinyl release, consists of pure breakbeat pleasure, with 'Blood Drops' leading the charge, a classy piece that elegantly rolls and seamlessly interchanges through various phases.

It's without doubt some of Detboi's most distinguished work yet, and we're delighted that it's opening the Metalheadz account for 2018


1. Blood Drops
2. Ice Cold (Blood On The Drums)
3. Welcome To The Darkness
4. Gravedigger [via download]
5. Beast [via download]


Artist:  Detboi
Label:  Metalheadz
Condition:  New 
Genre:  Drum & Bass

Format:  12" vinyl
Cat Number:  METHLP26
Released:  2 February 2018

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