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Cypress Hill - Elephants On Acid
Cypress Hill - Elephants On Acid
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Cypress Hill - Elephants On Acid

Elephants on Acid is CYPRESS HILL’s ninth studio album and was produced by DJ Muggs, making it the first album produced by Muggs since 2004’s Til Death To Us Part. Reuniting with B Real and Sen Dog in Los Angeles to record the album, Muggs also traveled across the world to collect the vibe and sounds that make up much of what you’ll hear from start to fi nish.

Cypress Hill takes the listener on a musical journey from the alleyways of Cairo on “Band of Gypsies” to the mystical vibes of Joshua Tree where Ganja Sufi lays down some cannabis-infuflowl ow to the streets of Los Angeles on “Crazy” that will bring the listener back to the sound Cypress is known for and includes the soulful guest vocals of Brevi Wood.

Additional tracks from B Real and Sen Dog include “Warlord” and “Put Em In The Ground,” both are sure to bring fans the classic Cypress Hill they love with a 2018 twist.


1. Tusko
2. Band Of Gypsies
3. Put Em In The Ground
4. Satao
5. Jesus Was A Stoner
6. Pass The Knife
7. LSD
8. Oh Na Na
9. Holy Mountain
10. Locos
11. Falling Down
12. Elephant Acid
13. Insane OG
14. The 5th Angel
15. War Lord
16. Reefer Man
16. Thru The Rabbit Hole
20. Crazy
21. Muggs Is Dead
22. Blood On My Hands Again
23. Stairway To Heaven


Artist:  Cypress Hill
Label:  BMG
Condition:  New 
Genre:  Hip-Hop
Format:  Vinyl LP
Cat Number:  538415541
Released: 5 October 2018

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