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Clark - Death Peak
Clark - Death Peak
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Clark - Death Peak

“I’ve had the title ‘Death Peak’ since August 2016. It felt so right, I would repeat it to myself like a mantra,” says Clark of his forthcoming album. “It starts gently, all meadows and butterflies and ends with you on top of this gnarly fearsome mountain peak, surveying a shattered Landscape below." 

The record deftly weaves together the various threads of his extensive work, intertwining euphoric melodies and visceral rhythms of warehouse rave with new vocal and choral elements. 

‘Death Peak’ exposes the tension in Clark’s musical vocabulary: “I love finding the fulcrum between opposites - I want my tracks to have sharp teeth, but you want to stroke them too. They sound ancient, but beamed in from the future, soft, corrosive.” 

Clark will play his biggest UK headline show to date, at the Electric Brixton in London in April. 

Artwork by Alma Haser, a continuation of her work for Clark that began with the cover for his eponymous 2014 album.

Track Listing

1. Spring But Dark
2. Butterfly Prowler
3. Peak Magnetic
4. Hoova
5. Slap Drones
6. Aftermath
7. Catastrophe Anthem
8. Living Fantasy
9. Un U.K.

Product Details

Artist:  Clark
Label:  Warp
Format:  2 x vinyl LP
Condition:  New  
Cat Number:  WARPLP282
Released:  7 Apr 2017
Genre:  Electronic


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