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Bored At My Grandma's House - Sometimes I Forget You're Human Too

Bored At My Grandma's House is the moniker of 19-year old Leeds-based Amber Strawbridge, starting out as an exercise in passing time when she was quite literally bored at her Grandma's place. First single and EP opener 'Showers' is about time
alone & listening to your mind - “Do you ever think of showers as like a new beginning?“ is a poignant opening line, about that therapeutic space for you to really think and let your thoughts surface. In Amber's own words - "showers are a kind of therapy in my opinion, they give you time to reflect and think without influence from anything external."

Born in Whitehaven, Cumbria to musical family, and raised on the likes of Bowie and Pink Floyd there was always plenty of opportunity to mess around on the various instruments lying around the house. Attempts at proper music lessons went awry as Amber shunned the rules and rigidity, and so instead she gradually taught herself piano, guitar and drums. After time travelling in Cambodia, teaching English and helping with projects in various villages, Amber stayed with her Grandma and began to use the aeons of spare time to make tunes on Garageband and upload them to soundcloud. As a wave of BBC Introducing support rolled in, coupled with a move to Leeds to study music, the bedroom set-up evolved and a full EP began to take shape.

Playing all the instruments and self-recording most of the EP at home, Amber took the tracks to Alex Greaves (Working Mens Club, Bdrmm) at the Nave studio for live drums and some final mixing flourishes, leaving an EP full of lo-fi charm but with a
studio feel. Inspired by Slowdive, Wolf Alice and Alvvays, Sometimes I Forget You're Human Too showcases Amber's singular vision of indie-pop, on an EP that deals with topics like humanity, nostalgia and the current refugee crisis.

Speaking on the EP title Amber says - "Sometimes I forget you’re human too is the realisation that everyone is the same. In the sense that we are all human, everyone has issues and problems to face, everyone makes mistakes and has success. I
used to compare myself to others a lot and think ‘wow they have their life together’ or ‘how are they so happy all of the time’ but that’s not the case, it’s just what you can see on the outside ...so it’s kind of an EP of self assurance and reminding
myself that it’s ok to not have it together all the time because no one does as we’re all just human after all. The EP is just the start for Bored At My Grandmas House and I’ve already got a few tracks which I’m thinking could be potentially for an album, I’d definitely like to do a bigger project next and have the sound I’d like in mind. I’ve recently just got a band together so hopefully when live shows are resurrected I’ll have a few of those!"




Artist:  Bored At My Grandma's House
Label:  Veki Records
Condition:  New 
Genre:  Indie & Alternative
Format:  Vinyl LP
Cat Number:  CLUE078
Released:  20th August 2021

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