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The Beautiful South - 0898 The Beautiful South
The Beautiful South - 0898 The Beautiful South
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The Beautiful South - 0898 The Beautiful South

0898 Beautiful South, also referred to as 0898, is the third studio album by English band The Beautiful South. After the success of their previous work over 1989–1991, the band hired prolific record producer Jon Kelly and recorded the album in London. The album contains a more "muscular" yet sometimes more sombre sound than their previous albums, although still entirely retains lyricist Paul Heaton's witty and bitter lyrical style. The album "deals in fragile melodies and harmonies, soulful but low-key instrumentation, and lyrics full of subtle social commentary and humour.


1. Old Red Eyes Is Back
2. We Are Each Other
3. The Rocking Chair
4. We'll Deal With You Later
5. The Domino Man
6. 36D
7. Here It Is Again
8. Something That You Said
9. Bell Bottomed Tear
10. You Play Glockenspiel, I'll Play Drums
11. When I'm 84


Artist:  The Beautiful South
Label:  UMC
Condition:  New 
Genre:  Rock & Pop Reissues

Format:  Vinyl LP
Cat Number: 5743902
Released:  25 May 2018

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