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Baxter Dury, Etienne De Crécy & Delilah Holliday - B.E.D
Baxter Dury, Etienne De Crécy & Delilah Holliday - B.E.D
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Baxter Dury, Etienne De Crécy & Delilah Holliday - B.E.D

B.E.D is the new collaboration from Baxter Dury, French Dance music pioneer Etienne De Crécy & Delilah Holliday of London punks Skinny Girl Diet. Although they seem strange bed fellows at first, this project provides the perfect fusion of their disparate skill sets. Etienne De Crécy fires up the hardware and lays down tough electro-pop instrumentals, combining the best bits of italo, vintage synth pop and the DFA/John Grant school of digi-cool. Meanwhile, in the vocal booth, Baxter Dury is typically engaging, intriguing and disarming with a string of half spoken / half sung confessionals, while Delilah Holliday adds a touch of emotion via kitchen sink balladry, the odd delicate chorus and at least one journey into the classic synthpop deadpan. Recorded between 2017 & the start of 2018 and produced by Etienne De Crécy & Baxter Dury in France, "B.E.D." is another must have release on the mighty Heavenly. 


1. Tais Toi
2. Walk Away
3. How Do You Make Me Feel
4. Fly Away
5. White Coats
6. Only My Honesty Matters
7. Centipedes
8. But I Think
9. Eurostars


Artist:  B.E.D
Label:  PIAS
Condition:  New 
Genre:  Indie & Alternative
Format:  Vinyl LP
Cat Number:  PIASLL11LP
Released: 26 October 2018

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