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Animanz and Juanita Euka - Exotic Other
Animanz and Juanita Euka - Exotic Other
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Animanz and Juanita Euka - Exotic Other

‘Exotic Other’ is the debut album from London-based four-piece Animanz and Argentinian and Congolese vocalist Juanita Euka.

Flavours from rhumba, cumbia and merengue to the punk attitude and electro energy of the club-funk sound of title track “Exotic Other” represent the fastpaced and diverse nature of their home of London.

Started as a collaborative project between childhood friends  Max Rodriguez (guitar),  Joshua Brandler (bass),  Marc Goymour (keys) and  Andrea Gucel (drums), Animanz was formed in 2013 when they threw themselves out into London’s multi-layered music scene. Since then the band have grown to encompass a genre smashing collective which welcomes guest performers from all over the world, and the musicians they’ve met along this varied path have provided the band with a vehicle to help them develop their multitextured approach to rhythm.

Animanz explain: “We write party tunes, so the groove and energy are the most important things. Everything else just fits around that.” The album is also very conscientious, and finds itself rooted deeply within our times, like London it is music to both get lost in and inspired by what the band call “a melting pot; an all-inclusive party for everyone”.

Inspired by the relationship between afrobeat and protest which  Fela Kuti epitomised, Animanz use emblems of modern technology to theorise a systemised digital world. Tracks like “TV” and “Disconnect” deal with television screens and Wi-Fi as their subject matter, while “Speak Out” is a ballad to those who complain about politics but do nothing to implement change.


1. Disconnect
2. Ain't No Way
3. Exotic Other
4. Drink The Water
5. Gypsy Woman
6. TV
7. Them Changes
8. Chameleon
9. Jus' A Rascal
10. The Drip


Artist:  Animanz and Juanita Euka
Label:  Tru Thoughts
Condition:  New 
Genre:  Latin African & World
Format:  Vinyl LP
Cat Number:  TRULP359
Released:  28 September 2018

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