Record Store Day 2022

Record Store Day Drop 2 will take place on Saturday 18th June. This is the day when all the releases that weren't ready for April will finally be in store.

Where can I find details of records being released on Record Store Day?

The full list can be found on the official Record Store here.

Can I pre-order / reserve Record Store Day products?

Stores are bound by the Record Store Day code of conduct which prohibits them from reserving the product for customers or allowing customers to pre-order products. Record Store Day is about the occasion and visiting the store is part of the enjoyment. Consequently, records will be sold on a first come, first served basis!

Will Slide Record Shop be selling all of the remaining titles released on 18th June?

No! We're only little. You can see what we will have in stock here. 

How will the day work at Slide ?

We plan to run things in a similar fashion to previous years and here is what you need to know:

  • Slide is located in the Victorian Arcade in Bedford which is locked overnight. If you arrive before the shutters open please queue at the Harpur Street entrance.
  • Please respect our neighbours' when queuing inside The Arcade, by keeping entrances clear.
  • Doors open at 8:00am.
  • As always releases are sold on a first come first served basis and it is one copy of a release per person.
  • Please bear in mind some releases are very, very limited and we won't have received as many as we would have liked. If there is a record you have your heart set on we recommend arriving early.
  • Anything we haven't sold on the day will be available online from at Monday 20th June at 8:00pm.
  • Any questions - just ask!