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Autechre - SIGN
Autechre - SIGN
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Autechre - SIGN

Autechre, masters of uncompromising glitched-out electronic business return with a new full-length for the titans of 'leccy music, Warp. 

From the blistering VHS-saturated beginning of 'M4 Lema', we're taken on a ride through fractured nu-rave, 90's influenced braindance and flickering barely-connected electrical circuits. 

The more choral moments (the beautiful, Hecker-esque 'esc desc' for example) help to make things a little less frantic by soothing the glitch-addled mind with some swells of organ and reverbed synth wisps.  

This is as uncompromising and skilfully collated as any of Autechre's work thus far, and further cements their reputation as the ultimate Enfant Terrible of electronic music. 


01. M4 Lema
02. F7
03. Si00
04. Esc Desc
05. Au14
06. Metaz Form8
07. Sch.mefd 2
08. Gr4
09. Th Red A
10. Psin AM
11. R Cazt


Artist:  Autechre
Label:  Warp
Condition:  New 
Genre:  Electronic
Format:  Vinyl LP
Cat Number:  WARPLP329
Released:  16th October 2020

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