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Arbouretum - Let It All In
Arbouretum - Let It All In
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Arbouretum - Let It All In

Arbouretum's mystic folk-rock collapses a continuum of 20th century music into decidedly classic song structures. English folk, country blues, Americana and '70s psychedelia all serve as touchpoints in their singular and distinctive sound. The Baltimore-based band have perfected the craft of storytelling using the delicate interplay of melodies and prosaic lyrics to tell vivid stories that engage the listener and transport them the way an immersive novel would.

Let It All In is their most accomplished and evocative album yet, as instantly arresting as it is deeply reflective, with layers of sound and metaphor to unravel and interpret in their own way. It is a beautiful album that lives in and reflects the present moment while sounding as if it were forged in another era. Invoking nature as a backdrop for exploring humanity’s relationship to time, history, and the present socio-political climate, often highlighting water as a ubiquitous if often unconscious presence in our lives. It acts as a subtle connecting thread through each piece’s imagined landscapes, as well as taking on a symbol for change and spirit.


1. How Deep It Goes
2. A Prism in Reverse
3. No Sanctuary Blues
4. Night Theme
5. Headwaters II
6. Buffeted By Wind
7. Let It All In
8. High Water Song


Artist:  Arbouretum
Label:  Thrill Jockey
Condition:  New 
Genre:  Rock, Psych & Garage
Format:  Vinyl LP
Cat Number:  Thrill521LPX
Released:  20th March 2020

Indie exclusive light blue vinyl LP

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