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Abdullah Ibrahim - The Balance
Abdullah Ibrahim - The Balance
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Abdullah Ibrahim - The Balance

People don't like Abdullah Ibrahim, they adore him, bestowing on him the devotion normally reserved for Nina Simone. When he plays, melodies tumble out effortlessly, as he slides from theme to theme like a laid-back South African reincarnation of Thelonious Monk.' The Guardian.

Abdullah Ibrahim (who has also recorded as Dollar Brand) is one of South Africa's most famous musicians. His music is often referred to as representing freedom.

His major anti-apartheid anthem "Mannenberg" (released as "Capetown Fringe" in the US) has come to be regarded as an unofficial national anthem in South Africa. He even performed at Nelson Mandela's inauguration, where Mandela referred to him as 'our Mozart'.

He's played with everyone from Duke Ellington to Max Roach, John Coltrane to Ornette Coleman, and is the father of underground rapper Jean Grae.

Encompassing Township-Jazz, solo piano, Highlife and plentiful modern jazz styles, this brand new studio album (recorded with his band Ekaya at RAK Studios in London,) is a major return for a genuine living jazz legend.


1. Dreamtime 
2. Nisa
3. Jabula
4. Tuang Guru
5. Tonegawa
6. Star Dance 
7. ZB2
8. Skippy 
9. Devotion
10. The Balance 


Artist:  Abdullah Ibrahim
Label:  Gearbox
Condition:  New 
Genre:  Jazz
Format:  Vinyl LP
Cat Number: GB1554
Released:  28th June 2019

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