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Ahwlee - 1991
Ahwlee - 1991
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Ahwlee - 1991

axicoLong Beach serial chiller Ahwlee is a beat vet who delivers smooth buttery samples with a nostalgic vibe. 1991 is a cult classic cassette now re-issued on vinyl for the first time.

These tracks are dusty, mellow and easy-going. Don’t mistake mellow for boring, however, because Ahwlee’s production is nuanced and intricate underneath the minimalist overtones. There’s jazzed-up Rhodes all over the place, and the percussion work masterfully includes a ton of negative space in between perfectly chopped breaks.

They’ll get your head nodding.

Track Listing

1. Woe
2. Tbl36
3. Rainin
4. Tandem
5. Footshe
6. Eldo
7. 86
8.  Gonna_go (Somtim)
9. Thumpr
10. Loves_fair
11. Tranquills
12. Neglect
13. Hi_point
14. Inst. (Toomuch)
15.  I_knw
16.  Still
17.  Sigh
18.  Hofbrau. (Hollrbak) 

Product Details

Artist:  Ahwlee
Label:  Paxico
Format:  Vinyl LP
Condition:  New  
Cat Number:  PX021LP
Released:  2 June 2017
Genre:  Hip-Hop

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