Goldfrapp — Silver Eye

Goldfrapp — Silver Eye

For the official launch of Slide Record Shop to coincide with the release of a new Goldfrapp album, feels kind of appropriate for those of us at Slide HQ. It is a group we are long-time fans of and exactly the type of artist, whose music we wish to champion in the shop. Thankfully Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory do not disappoint with their first album in over four years. 'Silver Acre' fulfils the potential presented by 'Anyone', a track which has been on our playlist for a number of weeks.

Goldfrapp rarely make the same record twice and continue that trend with this release. The sound is noticeably different from 2013's 'Tales of Us', sharing greater similarities with their 'Supernature' and 'Black Cherry' releases. Mute's press department description of 'stomping underground electronica, sensual ethereal melodies and metal machine pop' is fairly apt and nicely sums things up. 

Do not rest on your laurels when it comes to buying the clear vinyl, indie-shop only limited edition version we have for sale. They are unlikely to hang around for long.


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